gold Dredger DIlmeH

gold Dredger DIlmeH
product details
basic Info
  • Segh HoS: diesel

  • je: chu'

  • usage: Dredger quv sand Gold 'ej

  • bucket: 48-52

  • output: 60-100 m 3 ghap h

  • color: Customized

  • mung: jungwoq

  • Segh: Bucket Dredger

  • customize chut lulajpu'bogh

  • application: Dredger quv sand Gold 'ej

  • qeng DeS 'ab: 12 m ghap 6 m

  • dredge natlhlu'mo': 1 m-15 m

  • trademark: julong

  • hs ngoq: 8905200000

product Description

gold dredger DIlmeH
1. features
a.mining sandis applied bIQtIq bait-casting, sand dredging Dredger.
b.dredging natlhlu'mo' 1-15 m.
Qo'noS c.easy SeH.
d.high efficiency je 'eS cost.

Qo'noS according to 'ej requests ghu'.

2. basic Parameters

MACH13 m14 m15 m16 m17 m22 m24 m

B14 m14.515.5 m17 m18 m30 L22 m

[TAH15.5 m16 m16.5 m18 m30 L30 L22 m

MACH1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m1.7 m1.8 m1.8 m

B1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m1.7 m1.8 m1.8 m

[TAH1.7 m1.7 m1.7 m1.7 m1.8 m1.8 m1.8 m

DeS 'ab qeng
(sand ghap mach nagh ghap botlh nagh)
MACH12 m ghap 6 m13 m ghap 6 m14 m ghap 8 m15 m ghap 10 m18 m ghap 12 m12 m ghap 6 m12 m ghap 6 m

B13 m ghap 9 ghap 813.5m/9.5m/6m15 m ghap 11 m ghap 6 m16m/12.5m/8m18 m ghap 14 m ghap 12 m14 m ghap 10 m ghap 8 m14 m ghap 10 m ghap 6 m

[TAH15 m ghap 12 m
ghap 8 m ghap 6 m
ghap 9 m ghap 6 m
15.5 m ghap 12 m
ghap 8 m ghap 6 m
17 m ghap 13 m ghap
10 m ghap 10 m
20 m ghap 17 m
ghap 14 m ghap 15 m
15 m ghap
10 m ghap 6 m
16 m ghap 12 m
ghap 9 m ghap 5 m


depth(m) dredging4 m-4.8 m4 m-6 m4 m-7.5 m4 m-10 m4 m-12 m8 m-14 m8 m-16 m

m3 ghap h output60-100m3(adjustable)


3. 'elbogh products wey:


4. FAQ
in order to SoH tugh DuHIvDI' 'e' nom andamp; yuQmeyDaq quotation boQ 'ej laH tlha' De' cho'angqangbe''a' woQ:
1) output capacity(m3/h)
2)max.dredging depth(m)
distance(m) discharge 3)